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Perfect Quality Smart bidet

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Perfect Quality Smart bidet

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Smart bidet

Our company is specialized in the production of smart toilet lid manufacturers,Established in 2006, Longkou Rixing Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production of Intelligent toilet lid covers cover.

Ordinary toilet seat cushions have very small microbes that we cannot see with our eyes: viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites that cause infectious diseases. The most common types are dysentery bacillus, e. coli, common variant bacillus, salmonella typhi, staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus faecalis, streptococcus pyogenes, candida albicans, etc.

Common functions of smart toilet seat cover: hip cleaning, heating of seat ring, female cleaning, warm air drying, automatic deodorization, position adjustment, water pressure regulation, seat temperature, water temperature and wind temperature regulation.

Suitable for public places such as hotel, catering, entertainment, leisure, beauty, office, hospital, shopping mall, airport, exhibition and so on.


                                                                Smart bidet

There are several advantages to generalizing a smart toilet seat:

1. Clean life

Wash the anus with warm water, the external sphincter of the anus is moistened by the stimulation of the water column and warm water, improve the circulation of the venous blood is beneficial to the health. And can clean toilet paper to wipe off the dirt between the folds.

2. Prevent bacterial infection.

Around the anus in more than one thousand fold in breeding of anal disease bacteria, warm water wash not only have the function of cleaning anus and women-only washing function, can effectively prevent all kinds of bacteria infection, and use warm water rinse fresh feeling can reduce because of the trouble of disease.

3. Prevent hemorrhoids and constipation.

It is conceivable that using toilet paper can not wipe the dirt in the folds around the anus. Daily use of warm water and warm air drying not only stimulate the surrounding capillaries to promote muscle relaxation and blood circulation, so as to prevent hemorrhoids, constipation, but also the pain of hemorrhoids surgery.

People who sit for long hours at work, professional drivers, and teachers who stand for hours are prone to constipation and hemorrhoids. When having above symptom, can use warm water and warm wind first to wash and dry massage, stimulate capillaries to promote blood circulation, this can easily defecate. Syringe is not only the water temperature, temperature, drying temperature is adjustable, four file regulation, water pressure and massage can set the state (pressure size change wash) and synchronous mobile washing function before and after the execution.

4. Clean and prevent cancer.

Women need to maintain a clean body. In the physiological period, leucorrhea, long before and after make people upset with peculiar smell, can each use syringe to clean, solve problems and prevent all kinds of disease of department of gynaecology, and in the bedroom use cleaner before and after wash, better prevention of cervical cancer.

5. Caring for pregnant women

It is important to clean the anus and vaginal area during pregnancy or postpartum, so many hospitals start using electronic syringe to help pregnant women clean and promote blood circulation. Not only is it refreshing to use a douche, but it also helps with postpartum recovery.

6. Protect the obese and the elderly.

The old people's body resistance is weaker, and the intelligent toilet has one key automatic function. Warm water cleaning, warm air drying and automatic running water. The powerful function is not the person that the body is inconvenient to worry like toilet problem, maintain good clean body to be beneficial to the health. In particular, stroke, high blood pressure, and obesity patients can solve various problems without other help.

7. Prevent constipation in children.

Children have a fear of the dull pain of the cold stool and toilet paper, so they often appear in the toilet in time, can endure it, and the children become habitual constipation for a long time. The intelligent toilet can completely solve such problems, so that children are willing to go to the toilet in time.

                                                                   Smart bidet

Advantages of smart toilet seat:

1. Installation is more convenient than smart toilet.

A separate toilet lid is not cumbersome to install. The professional installer can complete the installation in a few minutes. At the same time easy to disassemble, avoid the dead corner area clean trouble.

2. Cost-effective.

A smart toilet seat with the same function can be anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 yuan cheaper than a smart toilet. Have obvious price advantage.

3. Suitable for secondary decoration.

In the process of user redecorating, selecting the smart bucket lid can save the cost and avoid the waste of the original material.

4. Much entertainment.

Many smart toilet seat covers also have entertainment functions such as music, which makes people not bored while they are in the toilet.

5. Convenient installation

A separate toilet seat is easy to install, and professionals can do it in a few minutes. Also easy to remove, clear dead Angle.

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