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Rato engine rototiller

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Rato engine rototiller

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MD produced the first rototiller in 2001. 

We have since 2001 achieved a long-term expenrience in manufacturing rototillers and rototiller ranging from 2HP up to 10HP.
MD was one of the first Chinese companies that entered an OEM agreement to manufacture customized products to a major EU rototiller manufacturer.


Main dividing garden rototiller and farm rototiller two kinds.

First, garden rototiller, according to your garden area, choose different sizes model.


Mini garden rototiller (tilling width: 9’’-15’’)

Model          MM03                              M03                         M400                        M15GU


Engine  1.5HP/1.1KW/42.7CC    3.5HP/2.0KW/113CC     4HP/2.8KW/130CC   5.0HP/2.7KW/140CC


Start Mode             Recoil Start          Recoil Start                    Recoil Start              Recoil Start

Speed of Knife          250rpm           135rpm             157rpm 1 Forward ,1 Reverse


Working Width/    240mm/240mm     380mm/250mm     380mm/250mm          600mm/250mm


Key features and benefits:

1.Adjustable handlebar comfort and easy storage
2.Clutch and gas lever controls easy to operate
3.Combined support and depth skid for easy transport
4.Heat hardened blades with life time warranty against breakage

5.Combined bumper and lifting device
6. low noise 4 stroke engine

7.10-inch tilling depth

8.Powerful, long-lasting commercial engines

9.Suitable for small size garden


Medium size garden garden rototiller ( tilling width:20’’-22’’)


Model                    M500                   ML03-532                            ML03-572

Engine       5HP/3.6KW/163CC      6.5HP/4.1KW/196CC          6.5HP/4.1KW/196CC

Start Mode          Recoil Start            Recoil Start                           Recoil Start

Speed of Knife     82rpm                   171rpm                                171rpm

Speed shift   1forward+reverse      1forward+reverse               1forward+reverse

Handlebar                                        Up/down                                Up/down/side

Working Width/  500mm/330mm   360-550-850mm/330mm  360-550-850mm/330mm


These tilling machines are particularly suited for the medium size vegetable garden. All models have heat hardened bolted steel blades with a lifetime warranty against breakage. Available with either fixed or adjustable  handlebar. Model equipped with reverse gear the machine is even more manoeurable in narrow places. The machines are available with either B&S ,Mitsubishi or Loncin engines.
Available accessories : weed wheel.
Easy height adjustment,compact under storage.
Comfortable grip
Gas throttle for easy operation
Powerful and low noise 4-stroke engine
Bumper to protect or easy to lift
Bolted heat hardened steel blades with lifetime warranty against breakage
Height adjustable support wheels
Adjustable depth skid provides maximum comfort.


Second, farm rototiller and farm walking tractor


Farm rototiller 


Model                                      MRT65                                       MR70


Engine                       6.5HP/4.1KW/196CC                    6.5HP/4.1KW/196CC


Start Mode                        Recoil Start                                  Recoil Start

Speed of Knife                   157rpm                          D1:250rpm,D2:350rpm,R:165rpm

Speed shift                 1 Forward ,1 Reverse                2 Forward ,1 Reverse


Working Width/            460mm/200mm                      700mm/170mm


MRT65 rear tine rototiller 


1.Bolted heat hardened steel blades with life time warranty against breakage

2.Easy adjustable depth skid for comfortable working

3.Strong cultch handels for easy working

4.Gas throttle easy to operate

5.Efficient fast rotating blades for perfect weeding and preparation of seedbed

6.Strong bumper

7.Gasoline or diesel engine


MR70 rototiller 

1. A strong 2 wheeled tractor for cultivation-transportation-weeding-ridging etc.
2.Working width from 70cm to 120 cm, it also can be used in between rows of vegetables.
3.Bolted heat hardened steel blades with life time warranty against breakage.
4.Easy adjustable depth skid for comfortable working
5.Strong cluth handles for easy working
6.Gas throttle easy to operate
7.Rugged tyres for max grip
8.Strong bumper

Available accessories : walking wheel , support wheel, link span, turnover plow, gutter-plough, rotary blade, plow


Farm walking tractor rototiller 

Model                                   MR100                                  MR130

Engine                       6.5HP/4.1KW/196CC                11HP/8.2KW/435CC

Working width                  1000mm                             1200mm


Working depth                  350mm                               350/450mm


Blade diameter               330mm                                 330mm


Transmission     2Forward,1reverse gearbox driven      2Forward,1reverse gearbox driven

1. Bolted heat hardened steel blades with life time warranty against breakage
2.Easy adjustable depth skid for comfortable working
3.Strong clutch handles for easy working
4.Gas throttle easy to operate
5.Rugged tyres for max grip
6.Efficient fast rotating blades for perfect weeding and preparation of seedbed
7.Strong bumper
8.Gasoline or diesel engine


Available accessories : walking wheel ,  turnover plow, single furrow plough, rotary blade, widen furrow plough, ridger, weeder, cultivating hoe, spiral earth up, lengthening rotary blade, deep plough blade, non-slip wheel.

MD are from China small garden and agricultural machinery supplier.

We specialized in the production of garden 17 years, the factory lives in China's northern city, Yantai.

Here is the home of garden machinery, there are many garden machinery factories here.

We can provide you with mature garden machinery products, mature product quality control, mature custom service and mature after-sales service.

The range of our products are mainly cultivator/tiller , walking tractor, brush mower, flail mower, power broom, munual sweeper, snow thrower, log saw ,curb machine, wheelbarrow, etc.


We look forward to your inquiries and negotiations.


Product Brand:MD

Order Quantity:depend on order

Product Price:wholesale price

Product Package:PP-Bubble and carton box

Transportation:Sea Freight/Air Cargo Express /Land Transportation

Lead time:within 45 days upon receipt of advance payment

Supplement Information 1:Loading Port: Qingdao Port

Supplement Information 2:Destination Port: Designated port

Supplement Information 3:Payment term: TT 30% payment as deposit ,the balance before delivery

Supplement Information 4:We also supply OEM products.

Supplement Information 5:All of our items according to CE standard.

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